Friday, March 6, 2015

The Unspoken Connection, By Erin B.

The Unspoken Connection
By Erin B.

Yes, I know that I'm blessed because God helped me through the hardest times; when I lost the most important people in my life, God was there for me, but without Him, I wouldn't have made it through the hard times. So, this is easy for me to write about!

The unspoken connection

The days drag on

Till the connection is unspoken

I miss him everyday - I wish

I could’ve have given him one last hug and kiss

But I know I can talk to him whenever I want to - but I

Don't want to seem like I’m crazy

So I bottle it up and don't say anything, ever

And that's why I’m insecure

But there are days like today, where I feel happy.


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