Friday, July 31, 2015

Standing out for Jesus

Standing out for Jesus

By Rachel V.

Slowly she walked down the hall.
Unaware of the gossip and lies,
Ignorant of the people looking at her,
And whispering about her.
“Look at her hair” they say.
“Look how she walks so afraid.”
“Look how she dresses. She’s so modest.”
“Why can’t she dress like us, act like us; with makeup and fashion and fuss?”
“What’s the deal with dresses and skirts?”
“She goes so crazy for that thing she calls church.”

She didn’t notice the looks of disgust,
The pointing of fingers,
The hearts of mistrust.
She didn’t see the glares and the pokes.
Just for not going along with their jokes.

One day her friend named Charity,
Told her what you have been seeing.
“They hate you!” she said, “It’s hardly fair!
To them you’re only the dust in the air!”

But Faith (for that was her name),
Smiled, and said,
“I don’t keep grudges, I hold up God’s name.
This is like what God had in mind, when He said,
“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”
For He knew we wouldn’t obey His word,
And we would end up following the world.”

“Well I know that they scoff,
And they easily scorn.
But I have chosen to follow the Lord.
With Him it is harder.
It’s true as can be.
But with him I can live for eternity.”

And with that,
She smiled, and said adieu.
And she left an example for me and for you.
Don’t be afraid to stand out for what’s true.


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