Thursday, August 14, 2014



By Beatrix C.

We are a Godless America
Land of my home
God please stand by her
And guide her
Bring her back to the light of the Lord

Our country is losing sight
Of our Lord and Savior
We need to rid our home of this plight

I'm sad to say we can no longer call ourselves a nation under God.
We have let too many religions run wild and free. Too many atheists have risen to power.
Our country is becoming quite odd.
We severely need a Godly shower.

My Father, my Hero

My Father, my Hero

By Erin B.

My father, my hero

My father is my hero 

Because he does so much
For me and my sister and for others

He means the world to me and the family

My Sacrificial Understanding

My Sacrificial Understanding

By TreAnna B.

Page after page filled with blood
Spilled by my own reckless hands
But not my hands.

The hero takes the bullet
Saving his love from death
Even at the cost of his

The hero takes the beating
Even though it wasn't his to take.
He revels in each new agony
For it proves his worth.

Hour after hour of searching, questing,
Demanding an answer.
Finding none.

Prince turned pauper, saint turned sinner
Undeserving of his fate but he accepts it.
Death is a small price to pay but
Why does he pay it?

Tired yet relentless,
The pages grow as the stories multiply
No longer do I seek of my own volition.
Every new story displays my favorite theme.

My heart spilled onto each page
wanting so desperately to understand--
We write to understand.
Why can't I?


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