Friday, March 6, 2015

I Surrender, By Kaitlyn F.

I Surrender
By Kaitlyn F.

I look up.
Everywhere I look I see
Weapons surround me.
The opponent,
Stronger than a pack of lions.

All by myself.
No weapons,
No one to back me up.
But I have to fight,
For I can’t afford to lose.

The opponent knows well my weaknesses.
They bury me in ten feet of homework.
They yell worthless every time I miss a ball on the field.
They whisper that I will never be as good as anyone I look up to.
They stress me out to the point where I make myself sick.
But I can’t give in.
I fight and fight
But for every step forward,
I take ten steps back.
I back up farther and farther,
Until I am in a corner, stuck
But I continue to fight.

The opponent feeds on my fear.
They get stronger while I get weaker.
I am losing everything I have.
But I keep going and going
And going and


But then everything stops,
I see a hand reach down.
I look at the face of my savior.
"Take my hand" he says.
I take his hand.

We land in a nice clearing.
"What took you so long to surrender?"
"Why didn't you step in sooner?" I ask
"I would have but you were stuck in your ways.
You were persistent in fighting this battle.
But don't you know I have already won the war?"

I know feel guilty.
I can't do this all by myself.
I look up to see him fading.
"Wait what if I need you again?"

He smiles and says,
"For I am always with you.
All you need to do is surrender."
And with that he was gone,
But I felt him closer than ever.

I surrender.


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