Friday, August 21, 2015

Something Bigger

Something Bigger 

By Maryann Y.
I hid it from everyone 
I told not a soul 
Never breathed a sound 
It twisted within 

Unspoken deed 
That I had committed 
Faded through my heart 
The haunting memory 

I couldn’t let go 
Of this terrible sin 
Latched on to my mind 
And under the layers of guilt 

She stopped me 
She asked 
All words escaped me 
She knew 

We stood for a second 
None of us spoke 
Then it all spilled out 
Confession cascaded 

I told her my story 
I left nothing out 
She just sat and listened 
I felt I was judged 

But then she surprised me 
She said someone loved 
And this everlasting love 
Promised something bigger 

Then she told me 
She too had done this 
And she had harbored it 
And escaped from it all 

Then someone had stopped her 
Had guessed from afar 
They read through the lines 
They translated the fight 

She told what they said 
How he would forgive 
That someone was perfect 
And died for her sins 

He could give life 
Instead of this curse 
I wanted that promise 
It was something bigger 


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